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Shrike & Script

a Tallahassee, FL, writing community

In an effort to bring back a writing group for the Tallahassee area, Shrike & Script seeks to create a network for local writers. There are many benefits to a writing community, including the ability to share your work, find support amongst fellow writers, and gain perspective for the various routes writers might take to execute and publish their work.

We all have questions about the writing process--drafting, editing, etc.--not to mention the road to publishing, if you should choose to undergo it. Writers tend to be illusive folk hiding in our little attic hovels and scribbling words on shreds of paper, so it isn't easy to find companions on the same path as you. Shrike & Script seeks to remedy that, at least in our Tallahassee community.

Shrike & Script is open to:

  • Tallahassee residents

  • Residents of nearby counties

  • Students who attend school in Tallahassee

  • Individuals who work in Tallahassee


In the hope of scheduling meetings and events in the future, we are trying to limit our range to this specific area. If you enjoy writing and fall into any of these categories, fill out the membership form (linked below) to be added to the email list!

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