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Abigail C. Edwards



Abigail grew up in North Florida in a house full of books, cats, and burgeoning writers. Following a supposably successful homeschooling career, she graduated from Florida State University with a BS in Hospitality & Tourism Management. She most recently completed the Advanced Baking Diploma program at the School of Artisan Food in Nottinghamshire, UK.


When it comes to writing, her emphasis has always been on catharsis and escapism: capturing the emotion of a nighttime car ride with the windows down; the taste of salt and freedom on a wild breeze; the tight embrace of a found family. To her core, she believes that the best story to write is the one you desperately want to read, whether that be YA lit fiction about the mafia, bakeries, and family drama, or a Middle Grade novel about time-traveling pirates. Her favorite books do not fit neatly within a single genre. To the ceaseless cry of the publishing industry for rom-coms and smutty fantasy she says: death first!

She currently resides in a coastal village outside Edinburgh, Scotland, where she works as an artisan bread baker by day and a writer/vigilante by night.

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