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Abigail C. Edwards



Abigail grew up in North Florida in a house full of books, stories, and burgeoning writers. She attended Florida State University and graduated in 2022 with a BS in Hospitality & Tourism Management. Her college years included a brief stint in AFROTC, several years studying Dietetics & Food Science, and part-time work at a local bakery-cafe. The latter proved most educational. She is currently studying at the School of Artisan Food in Nottinghamshire, UK.

When not writing, Abigail bakes, buys too many books, and works at a local farm. She has two cats (Mortimer and Calpurnia) and had three ducks (Maverick, Arrakis, and Star-Scream) before they were brutally and mysteriously murdered by a pack of malevolent owls. Her wildest dream is to one day own an army of Maine Coons.

She cannot snap her fingers (stop trying to teach her how). She drinks her coffee black, not because she thinks it's cool, but because she trained herself to like black coffee during Hurricane Season for survival purposes. She is still not quite over her Percy Jackson & emo anthem phase (it's one phase). She wrote a book loosely inspired by her family's history in the Sicilian mafia and New Orleans mob, and her mom really enjoyed it.

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