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It’s the Forbidden Festival, and anything could happen.

In the village of Tarkha, Greyfoot Volkov stands before a dusty storefront, listening to the haunting tick-tock of a million timepieces within. At the town square, a little girl named Ally flees from pirates through suffocating crowds of revelers. Within a deep and cavernous watch-shop, an old man hides from Captain Isabella and her fleet of time-traveling cutthroats.

Fifteen years ago, Greyfoot’s mother took a time winder from old Obadiah’s shop and disappeared into the labyrinth of time. When pirates attack and capture the watch-maker, Greyfoot is faced with a choice: abandon the madness now, or plunge headfirst into a half-baked recuse mission that may lead him to his long-lost mother.

Accompanied by an unlikely entourage of pirates and fugitives, Greyfoot and Ally embark on a journey across the bounds of space and time, from otherworldly convention centers to haunted graveyards, from cavernous black markets to infamous ships…

Welcome to the world of the Time Walkers.

Character Playlists


What do they listen to? What song plays when they walk into the room? All of these burning questions can be answered via the author's unnecessarily bountiful Spotify playlists!

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