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In the wake of her parents' sudden death, Pia Marzano moves to New York City to live with her extravagant Italian family—becoming entangled in the world of age-old vendettas, illegal olive-oil trafficking, million-dollar engagement parties, and the resurgent Sicilian mafia. At the forefront of it all is Pia's uncle, Savino Vitelli—the only person who understands Pia's desire to protect her siblings, and the last person she can trust.


With her unhinged cousin Massimo and the pretentiously academic Tonio at her side, Pia plots to take down the family business and end decades of tradition, obsession, and bloodshed.

Character Playlists


What do they listen to? What song plays when they walk into the room? All of these burning questions can be answered via the author's unnecessarily bountiful Spotify playlists!

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