Abigail C. Edwards

Young Adult writer and desperate escapist


Hi, I'm Abigail! I wrote And We All Bled Oil, a Young Adult mafia novel about baking, olive oil, and family--because I wanted to read about those things and this specific book didn't exist. When I'm not writing, I'm probably making bread and watching Bake Off or The Sopranos or something.

You can find my book on Amazon, or in several independent bookstores in the North FL/South GA area. One of the perks of being a small indie author is that, if none of those options are convenient for you, I'm always happy to ship an autographed copy to your address! Shoot me an email and I'll respond promptly.

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And We All Bled Oil

In the wake of her parents' deaths, Pia Marzano moves to New York City to live with her extravagant Italian family—becoming entangled in the world of age-old vendettas, illegal olive-oil trafficking, million-dollar engagement parties, and the resurgent Sicilian mafia...

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